Welcome to A22.

We are A22, a European sports development company. Currently, we are actively working with a number of leading football clubs to develop new concepts and ideas for European club competitions. To inform and shape these concepts, we initiated a broad and ongoing dialogue about the current state of the football ecosystem with fans, clubs, players, coaches, associations, leagues, and policy makers. Our objective: to achieve the full potential of pan-European club football while at the same time addressing the many important issues facing the sport.

Ten principles for a European football league

Last October we began an open dialogue on the future of European club football. The consistent feedback received by us on European club competitions has been distilled into the 10 principles.



Why European football needs change

Football has a number of fundamental challenges and weaknesses that prevent the sport from reaching its full potential.


Bernd Reichart

“Our objective is to present a sustainable sporting project for European club competitions.”