Unify is our proposal for a state-of-the-art digital streaming platform. It will democratise football by allowing fans everywhere to watch new European Super League games for free.

A New Era for Sports Streaming.

Unify has the potential to be the leading direct-to-fan sports streaming platform in the world, bringing billions of fans closer to the game than ever before. In addition to live matches, the platform will offer highlights, match insights and analysis, club-specific content, and many other interactive options. It will allow fans to connect as never before with their favourite clubs and players as well as with friends and fan communities. 

All men’s and women’s league matches would be distributed side by side, taking “centre stage” on the platform. With Unify, the women’s game would finally have the global platform it deserves.

The Unify Platform will offer a tiered model. The advertising-supported free tier will allow fans to watch live new European Super League matches for free. Subscription tiers would also be offered for those who prefer to view matches with minimal advertising while enjoying advanced features such as favourite camera angles, live match data and other interactive options. Distribution partnerships with broadcasters, streaming services, clubs and content providers will also be an important component of the Unify experience to ensure ease of access for fans.

A message from our CEO.

Bernd Reichart
Bernd Reichart
CEO of A22 Sports Management

Football is the people’s game. The current fan experience with multiple TV subscriptions is expensive and highly unsatisfactory. We want to put fans first by providing free access to all matches and an unrivalled, cutting-edge experience.

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