27 May 2024

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Madrid, 27 May 2024 – Today, Madrid Commercial Court 17 issued its ruling in the case of the European Super League/A22 Sports Management versus UEFA/FIFA. The Commercial Court found that UEFA and FIFA statutes which prevent competitors from entering the market for international club competitions are illegal and incompatible with competition law in the European Union. This is the first time a European court is applying the legal framework delivered by the Court of Justice of the European Union (“CJEU”) in December 2023 and the decision is therefore binding and enforceable throughout the European Union.

The Commercial Court confirmed the legal principles set out by the CJEU and held that UEFA/ FIFA statutes which allow them to veto any competitor to their own pan-European competitions are contrary to European Union law.

  • The Court specifically stated that “UEFA and FIFA have abused their dominant position […] by attributing to themselves the discretion to prohibit participation in alternative competitions” and “are preventing free competition in the market by imposing unjustified and disproportionate restrictions”.
  • In conclusion, the Court ordered FIFA and UEFA to “cease the anti-competitive conduct”, ”prohibit its future repetition“ and to “remove all effects of the anti-competitive actions […] which have occurred before or during the duration of the proceedings”.

Bernd Reichart CEO of A22 stated: “We welcome the ruling of the Madrid Court. It's an important step towards a truly competitive and sustainable club football landscape in Europe. For too long UEFA has been allowed to control and dominate club football at European level. UEFA’s statutes and the aggressive actions taken to protect its monopoly have stifled innovation for decades and clubs should not have to fear threats of sanctions simply for having ideas and conversations. The era of the monopoly is now definitively over. We look forward to continuing our dialogue with clubs of all sizes to improve club football at international level to make it more accessible and compelling for fans of all ages.”


About A22 Sports Management

A22 Sports Management is a company that was formed to sponsor and assist in the creation of the European Super League. In its advisory capacity, A22 focuses on the overall structure, operating and financial aspects of the potential new competition.


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