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Football needs a renewal. These articles shed light on some facets of why:


26 Mar 2023 | AD


24 Mar 2023 | Daily Mail
23 Mar 2023 | The Independent
20 Feb 2023 | JN


14 Feb 2023 | Toni & Felix Kroos Podcast


12 Feb 2023 | FT


09 Feb 2023 | BBC Sport


09 Feb 2023 | The Telegraph
09 Feb 2023 | L’Equipe


09 Feb 2023 | Ansa


09 Feb 2023 | SPORT


09 Feb 2023 | Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
09 Feb 2023 | Le Soir


09 Feb 2023 | Le Figaro
09 Feb 2023 | El País
09 Feb 2023 | Die Welt
09 Dec 2022 | DAZN
29 Nov 2022 | Calzio e Finanza


20 Nov 2022 | Doppelpass


18 Nov 2022 | Les Echos


18 Nov 2022 | Calzio e Finanza

Reichart: «Nuova Superlega complementare ai campionati»


17 Nov 2022 | Diario Sport

Entrevista a Bernd Reichart: “Los clubs deben ser dueños de su destino”


08 Nov 2022 | OFF THE PITCH

Profile: Can a German broadcast executive rise the Super League from the ashes?


05 Nov 2022 | AS

Bernd Reichart: “La solución es mejores partidos, no más partidos”


01 Nov 2022 | Toni & Felix Kroos Podcast

Luppen mit … Bernd Reichart!


30 Oct 2022 | Deutschlandfunk

Zukunft des europäischen Fußballs – Neuer Anlauf für die Super League


25 Oct 2022 | Mozzart Sport

EKSKLUZIVNO – Prvi čovek Superlige o uticaju na srpski fudbal: A sad vam je sve dobro?


19 Oct 2022 | Les Echos

Foot : un nouveau visage pour défendre le projet décrié de la Super Ligue


19 Oct 2022 | Süddeutsche Zeitung

Ein Deutscher soll die Super League retten


19 Oct 2022 | Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Neuer Anlauf der Super League


19 Oct 2022 | Linkiesta

Football can do better La notizia della morte della Superlega è fortemente esagerata (e ora ha un nuovo Ceo)


19 Oct 2022 | Sky Sport

Superlega, un nuovo CEO per rilanciare il progetto: “Dialoghiamo per migliorare il calcio


19 Oct 2022 | Gazzetta dello Sport

Superlega, il progetto va avanti: nominato il nuovo Ceo


19 Oct 2022 | Financial Times

New European Superleague boss eyes kick-off in 3 years with different format
The aim of A22 is to create a new “sustainable sporting model” for European football, says Bernd Reichart in an interview with Financial Times. His first job will be to open an “active and extended dialogue” across the game with all involved groups.


19 Oct 2022 | Bild

Neuer Angriff auf die Super League 
An open structure with promotion and relegation is a key aspect of an exciting, entertaining and equal European football competition, explains A22-CEO Bernd Reichart. The new CEO wants to start a broad dialogue on how to make European club football better.


14 Oct 2022 | The Independent

European football’s earthquake is coming – what will it look like after?
A power battle at the very top of the game could soon come to a head with potentially massive repercussions for the whole sport, writes Miguel Delaney. The author examines the close cooperation between the European Club Association, UEFA and the European Union, and explores the prospects for success of a Super League.


11 Oct 2022 | Der Spiegel

Darum brauchen wir eine Super League
Sports editor Christoph Biermann says a “mildew of predictability” is settling over Europe’s football leagues because some clubs are winning titles in a row, and that radical steps are needed to make the sport exciting again.


7 Oct 2022 | Financial Times

Too much football risks burnout for fans and broadcasts
According to Josh Noble, “match overload” is a path to lowering the commercial value of football. He compares football to the NFL and Indian Premier League cricket, both of which made higher scarcity cornerstones of their appeal.


7 Oct 2022 | As

Cisma en la UE por pactar con UEFA contra la Superliga
The agreement signed between UEFA and the EU has been questioned by Sandro Gozi, MEP, Secretary General of the European Democratic Party.


3 Sep 2022 | The Guardian

After a wild €2.25bn spree, who can doubt that the Premier League is unstoppable?
It cannot be good for the global game if most of the wealth, and thus talent, ends up in one country, says Jonathan Wilson. While the Premier League has entrenched its dominance, the hollowing-out that has happened in the Netherlands, Portugal, Scotland, Belgium, Scandinavia and the leagues of central and eastern Europe is now happening to Spain, Italy, Germany and France.


27 May 2022 | Financial Times

Europe now belongs to the highest bidder
Ballooning broadcast revenues have propelled Premier League clubs’ incomes far ahead of overseas rivals. The ever-widening financial gap between Premier League clubs and the rest of the world is shrinking the competition, says John Burn-Murdoch.